Learning How to Crochet a Scarf

Steps of Crocheting

When it comes to learning how to crochet a scarf, the easiest method is to first learn the most fundamental steps of crocheting. This craft is done using a needle (also known as a crochet hook) and yarn. For the beginner crocheter, a scarf is the easiest task to complete with success, and the easiest yarn type to use is wool. This is a durable material and can be purchased in a large variety of colors. It is also flame resistant and makes correcting mistakes extremely simple. Some of the other yarn materials are not so forgiving.

What You Will Need to Crochet a Scarf

If you plan on crocheting a scarf, there are certain things you will need to have before beginning. First of all, you need to choose a yarn that is with medium or heavy. A light weight yarn is not sturdy and will not do well at providing warmth. Yarn thickness is known as worsted so pick out an awesome color of yarn that is worsted weight. You can find so many worsted weight colors that you will not know which one to use on your first project!

The Best Crochet Yarns For Scarves…

The multicolor yarns make the best choices for scarves. Once you choose your crochet yarn color, you need to know now much of it to get. For a basic scarf it is safe to assume that you will not need any more than 5 ounces. However, get double that amount in case you make a mistake and wish to start from scratch, or if you think you may want to make your scarf longer than normal. Giant scarves are in this season! You will also need a crochet needle/hook. When making a scarf using worsted yarn you should use a hook that is at least 5.5mm.

yarn hanging off

How to Begin

To crochet a scarf you start off by making a loop out of the yarn. Wrap the loop around your finger one time and pull the finger back out. This is the easiest way to begin. Leave at least six inches of yarn hanging off one of the ends and make your loop from that hanging end. You next take the loop and lay it over the side that it makes a perfectly straight line through the circle that is stationed behind it. Pull your yarn from the circles middle and pull the hanging string with your fingers while you tighten up the loop around your hook.

Now take the side of yarn that runs into the ball and put it over the hooks top. This move is known as the yarn over. Pull the needle/hook along with the yarn to form a new loop. This is you making a chain of stitching and for a scarf you will need at least 15 stitches. This will make your scarf about 5 inches wide. If you want it bigger simply add more stitches in the chain.

Now that you have the chin started you should count the first two, skipping the first and putting your hook into the second. Wrap your crochet yarn over your hook and pull it through the stitch. Keep doing this until you have moved all the stitches and a new chain is added to the scarf. Once you hit the end of your masterpiece, tie on some cool fringes and you are all done!

Tips for the Crocheting Beginner…

• Holding the yarn: If you are predominately right handed, you will hold your yarn in your left hand. Allow it to smoothly pass between your fingers as you pull your stitches through the loops. This may feel odd at first but you will get used to it as you go along. Practice makes perfect!

• If you wear a lot of jewelry you may wish to remove it. When you are crocheting, especially during the learning period, jewelry can really get in the way and snag your work.

• If when you are working you begin to feel that your yarn is too tight, try going with a larger hook. If it is too loose try a smaller hook.
I hope these tips will be helpful to you when you begin to crochet a scarf for the very first time!

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