An Old Pro’s Review on Knitting for Profit

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As a retired grandmother of 3, I have enjoyed many years of crocheting clothing and blankets for my precious ones. I had probably crocheted more than 500 pieces in my lifetime. I made things for family and friends, and even created items as special requests for people to give as gifts. I spent so much time crocheting that my husband said to me, “You should start charging for your crochet!” I had never considered it before but it did sound like a good idea. The only problem was that I had no clue how to manage a business, how much to charge for my crochet or how to get started. I decided to look for some information online (after all, everything can be found online now!) and what I found was Knitting for Profit.

As a natural born skeptic I was a bit unsure about spending my money on this book. I figured that there was nothing this woman could tell me that I did not already know since I had been a knitter and crocheter for so long. However, after reading the testimonials I decided that it was definitely worth my time and money to invest in this book. Money is not something I easily part with; but when I saw the following testimonial I knew it was the right choice.

Worth 10-fold What I Paid For!

“Hi Liz, I started reading your book and it is very informative – then I got your bonuses on top of it. I am delighted! The information I received is worth 10-fold what I paid for!”

Helen Eng

The only thing I can say now is thank goodness for Liz!



Knitting For Profit Review – The Pros…

Since this is a review, I will begin by telling you what I see as the pros of Knitting for Profit.

  • Even though I am extremely experienced in knitting and crochet, I had no clue what to sell. The system in this book taught me to figure out what to sell and how to find out the in demand items.
  • I have spent my life crocheting for joy and had no clue what to charge. The information in this book helped me to come up with fair prices that bring me great profits, while still allowing me to feel that I was being good to my customers.
  • Aside from friends and family, I had no clue WHERE to sell my crochet. This book helped me in this area as well. Importantly, it also showed me where NOT to sell my crochet.
  • Since nearly everything is done online these days, the links to helpful websites was a huge plus in my book! There was nothing that Liz did not cover in this knitting book.

Plus, I found that all the bonuses were worth well more than the books face value. It was almost as if I had gotten it for nothing. When I added up all that I got for the price of the book, I felt a bit bad wondering how much profit Liz was making!

And the final thing that impressed me the most was the incredibly low refund rate statistics – less than 0.3% = virtually zero refunds! This is amazingly low and shows me that basically ALL the customers have absolutely loved this knitting book with virtually no-one asking for a refund!

The Main Problem with Knitting For Profit (if any?)…

I was hard pressed to come up with anything negative to say, a good review cannot be without at least one con. For me it is that I am more of a hands on person who prefers old fashioned print. The only way to get this book is online so it took me a bit of time to finish reading it – my eyes are not what they used to be! I also could have stood a little more instruction in the business area of things. I am a crocheter, not a business major! Even with those small complaints, I would not have changed buying this crochet book. It was, and still is, a valuable part of my crochet business and my success. And if I can start a crochet business at my age, anyone has a shot at it!



Knitting For Profit

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