Choosing The Top Crochet Classes

Choosing the best Crochet Classes

Crochet classes aren’t just for beginners, but they are a great way to learn!  Advanced crotchetiers can benefit from crochet lessons just as much as someone who joins one to learn how to crochet.  You’ll learn new techniques that will make your work neater, tighter and possibly even faster if you’re an advanced crafter.  New crafters will learn the basic stitches and techniques that are required for virtually any crochet project.  Before you know it, you’ll be crocheting scarves, booties, mittens, sweaters, and everything in between!

You’re never too old to learn something new and you’re never finished learning a craft, regardless of how many years you’ve been doing it.  With a craft like crocheting, there is always a new technique or style that can be learned or expanded on; you’re worth the time to invest in yourself with something you have a passion for. A crochet class may be just the thing to reignite your spark.

Options Abound for Crochet Classes

Crochet classes can be found in tons of different places.  In an online video, in someone’s home, on a blog, in a craft store; if you have a crocheting hook, a ball of yarn, the passion to learn to crochet, the passion to expand on what you do know about crocheting (and you don’t live in outer space!), then there is a crochet class somewhere that you can participate in.

Finding The Top Crochet Classes Online

  • Online Classes

If you want to learn to crotchet from the privacy of your home while still interacting with others in your class, then an online crochet class might be the answer for you.  Online classes are available for the very beginner who has never crocheted a stitch in their life as well as for the more advanced crafter who has been crocheting for years.  New crafters will be taught the very basics while advanced users will learn new stitches, new techniques and new patterns.  Most classes will have all participants following the same pattern so crafters can learn from each other’s mistakes through trial and error.  Some online crochet classes are free while others charge a nominal fee.

  • Instructional Crochet DVD’s

If you are a ‘watch and learn’ type of person instructional DVD’s would be right up your ally.  The videos take you through class when you have time and also gives you the freedom to pick and choose what you learn and when.  Like online classes, the DVD’s are suitable for all skill sets, from the very beginner to the most advanced.

  • Instructional Crochet Videos

I’ll be honest – YouTube videos are the best way to learn a new technique (or even learn to crotchet from the very first slip knot!)  Personally, I learned how to crochet booties by watching a YouTube video and often visit to learn a new stitch or to give myself a refresher course for a complex part of a project.   While there isn’t any interaction or somebody to undo whatever mistakes you may make, most videos are very clear and easy to understand, so making mistakes are far and few between.

  • Craft Store Classes

Craft stores will often sponsor crochet classes but most of the time, this is for beginners and children.  If you have never crocheted before, or struggle with the most basic techniques, then attending one of these lessons may be for you.  Class schedules are usually posted a couple weeks in advance and fill up quickly, so don’t wait too long if this is what you are interested in doing.

Some of the choices for crochet classes cost money, some are free.  Some interact with others, some do not.  Some require that you drive somewhere, others are conducted in the privacy of your home.   The choices are yours to make and as we know, what works for one person may not work for another.  You know how you learn and you know what type of environment is best for you.   The most important aspect of your decision is “What makes me comfortable?”  Once you know the answer to that, choosing the right crochet class will be easy.  Happy Crocheting!


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