Knitting Stitches to Save the World

Knitting stitches

Knitting stitches can do much more than produce fantastic items. In fact, they can actually aid in saving the world, one stitch at a time. There are several groups that knit for various charity programs across the globe. This type of volunteer knitting can help you give back to the world by doing something you are passionate about. Helping others and getting to have fun doing something you love? What knitting enthusiast wouldn’t love to know more about this? Well if you do, keep reading to find out how you can help with your hobby!

Knitting Stitches from the Heart

Everyone loves babies. When these wee ones are born too early, the consequences can be heartbreaking. Though we cannot do much to help if we are not medical professionals, what we can do is knit them sweaters. This is exactly what Stitches from the Heart does. This is a volunteer organization that knits tiny hats and sweaters and sends them to hospitals all around the United States for premature babies to wear. If you are a beginner and cannot get your knitting stitches down pat yet, they are also happy to have items donated to them, so send over your extra needles and yarn to help keep a baby warm!

Knitting Stitches for the World

World Vision is one of the largest and most respected children’s charities in the world. Many people have heard of them but most do not know that they knit clothing for the children that they support. All you have to do is go to their website ( and follow the easy steps to get involved. They have specific patterns for you to use and these patterns can be downloaded at the above link. The children who depend on World Vision appreciate every item they receive and you can go to sleep each night knowing that a child is warm because of your efforts.

knitting stitches for the world

Knitting for Deployed Dads

If you are looking for a way to make soldiers feel more appreciated, try getting involved with Blankets for Deployed Daddies. This is a group that knits blankets for the dads who are far away from home doing their military duty when their children are born. The blanket is used to swaddle their newborn and then sent to the dad so they can have their little ones scent with them no matter where in the world they are stationed. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Knitting stitches for such a cause makes this hobby even more special.

Knitting for the Homeless

There are millions of people in America that are homeless. Their situations are perilous and while we cannot save everyone from the streets, we can help keep them warm. Hats for the Homeless knits hats, scarves and gloves for homeless people all year long. The week before Christmas these hats are shipped out to various homeless shelters around America, wrapped in gift paper. They are given out to those who need them. This is the only gift some people get at Christmas so it is special and much appreciated.

Knitting Blankies

Who does not remember the lovable cartoon character Linus from Peanuts? He stood out so well because he always carried his blankie with him wherever he went. This character served as the inspiration for Project Linus. This organization knits blankets and gives them out to kids across the world that are in need of something warm and something that feels safe and comfortable.

Knitting for Special Needs

Everyone has at least heard of the Special Olympics, but who knew that there is an organization that knits scarves for the participants? Each year Scarves for the Special Olympics knits thousands of scarves for each special competitor. Last year the number reached 2,500 and they are hoping to surpass that number before next year’s events begin!
As you can see, there are many worthy causes that you can knit for. We all have a cause that is dear to our hearts and knitting can make getting involved in your cause possible. For a list of organizations that knit for charity, go to If you do not see your cause there, think about knitting stitches for a brand new organization started by you!

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