Unique Crochet Doily Patterns for Modern Crafters

Modern CraftersWhen you say crochet, people either think one of two things. Some people imagine scratchy acrylic yarn and Granny Square blankets. Other people picture old-fashioned doilies covering every surface in their homes. However, crochet projects today can be very modern. In fact, you can even find a lot of modern crochet doily patterns to whip up in just a couple of hours! Or, if you like the look of the old fashioned doilies but want something a bit more modern, you can take the same classic patterns and repurpose them. There are many ways to make doilies and other crochet projects look more modern in your home. All you have to do is think outside the acrylic yarn box!

Crochet Doily Patterned Rugs

Rugs are a popular way to use crochet doily patterns today. You can get the lacy, vintage look without using tiny hooks and nearly invisible thread. You also get the benefit of the look without covering all of your table surfaces with old-fashioned doilies.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this project on your own instead of spending a lot of money on rugs in stores. Plus, it offers a unique, personal touch to any home. If you want to make a doily rug of your own, simply pick out your favorite doily pattern and crochet it with extra bulky yarn on a large crochet hook, such as a size P or Q crochet hook.

If you don’t want to use yarn for your rug, another option is to make yarn from old t-shirts, sheets, or store-bought jersey fabric. To do this, you simply cut your fabric into approximately one-inch strips and roll it up into a ball. From there, you can crochet just as if you were using bulky yarn and you’ll end up with a very fast, cool project to complete in a day.

Modern Crochet Pattern

Modern Crochet Doily Patterns

A great place to search for cool crochet doily patterns is on Ravelry.com. There are hundreds of free doily patterns on the site, as well as many patterns for sale. If you’re looking for something modern and unique, you should probably expect to pay, but if you are a crafter that loves to modify your own patterns for a personal twist, you may be able to make do by putting a few free patterns together to make your own designs. Modern doily patterns have designs that range from snowflakes to granny squares or even flowers. A lot of what makes a crochet doily look modern is your color choice, so keep that in mind while searching online for cool patterns to try. A doily that looks outdated and boring in an off-white might look awesome and modern when crocheted up in a bright orange or blue. Another way to add your own modern touch to your doilies is to use color changes, which aren’t all that common in most doily patterns.


Crochet Patterned Blankets
Crochet Doily Patterned Blankets

Another popular use for doily patterns is to use them for crochet blankets and throws! These make a great accent to any home, and due to the lacy patterns, they will work up much faster than your average throw. You can find patterns specifically for blankets that look like doilies, or you can use your favorite doily pattern with a larger yarn and larger hook to create a blanket to put on the back of a chair. Keep in mind when choosing a pattern that while some lace-work is okay in a blanket, you want the majority of it to be stitch-work so that it can actually be used the way it’s intended!

If you love the look of crocheted doilies but are intimidated by the idea of them looking too old-fashioned, then worry no more. There are many ways to make your doilies look modern, unique, and really cool. Sometimes it’s as simple as using a funky color. If you want something even more unique, try taking your favorite doily pattern and using it with different yarns to create blankets or rugs with the same look. By taking your crochet doily patterns and making them super-sized, you can enjoy them in a totally new way.

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